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Benefits of Afro-Brazilian Dance

With so many dance classes to choose from, why should you try Afro-Brazilian Dance specifically?

Afro-Brazilian dance delivers incredible benefits to your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. This particular form of dance is rooted in dance forms originating in Africa and Brazil and therefore the moves and rhythms of this type of movement connect you to the  energies of the natural world and the spiritual pulse of the universe. The dance styles are raw, encourage movement of every part of your body, and open your body’s energy centers for healing and balance. With this in mind, Afro-Brazilian dance is not simply artistic expression, but a tool for maintaining your well-being.

Afro-Brazilian dance is a very broad term to describe many different dance styles connected to the Afro-Brazilian experience in Brazil. When enslaved Africans were brought to Brazil under horrific conditions and subjected to centuries long persecution, dance was used as a means to recapture, redefine, and sustain cultural identity. The dances have a purpose, a story to tell, and transform into symbols of resistance to colonial hegemony while creating something extraordinarily unique and beautiful. The styles range from playful to intense forms of expression, and capture the unique cultural manifestations of a beautiful land and its people.  If you are interested in trying something new and learning about a different culture through dance, come try a class!