WORKSHOP: Dance of the Wild Warrior and the Alchemy of Air

Blending aspects of the Warrior Archetype and the Wild Woman Archetype (as coined by Clarissa Pinkola Estes), this workshop is inspired by the dances for Oya (Yoruba divine force of nature, cosmic vibration and spirit of the wind) and Kali, (Hindu Goddess of destruction, the completion of life cycles and the embodiment of time). Both are complex archetypal mother figures connected to the cycles of life, death and rebirth. In an empowering exploration of the female psyche, this workshop uses storytelling, voice activating exercises and movement meditations to move through grief, loss and trauma. It also highlights the collective grief and loss we are experiencing from environmental pollution and the systematic destruction of Mother Nature.  Participants are presented with an invitation to take a deep dive into their own personal alchemy, transformation and healing.  

WORKSHOP: Global Visions of the Cosmic Serpent

Focus on the movement related to the serpent. A symbol of transformation, the serpent is found within many healing ancient knowledge systems around the world. As celestial bridge between earth and sky, the cosmic serpent is linked to the rainbow and at times depicted biting its own tail representing continuity, cosmic cycles and the interconnected nature of all life. Inspired by the sacred dance of Oxumare, a Yoruba divinity, this dance workshop weaves together serpent stories around the world to explore how the same biological rhythms that we can observe in nature exist within ourselves. All are welcome to connect, reflect, and move through the body’s subtle energy centers in this soulful workshop of movement and introspection.