An audio-visual journey inspired by Oyá/Iansá (Yoruba), orixa of winds and cosmic force of transformation, and Shiva (Hinduism) the destroyer of worlds. Original video created by: Vika S. Hernandez (Artistic Director); Enrique Villa (Cinematography); Daniel Cuervo (Musical Production) All rights reserved. Copyright (2021) Vika S. Hernandez.
An intimate and powerful dance performance by Vika S. Hernandez. Filmed in Oceanside, CA on a rainy day. Which added to the water element that this dance represents. With dynamic movements representing the ebb and flow of tides, “Agua” is an embodied prayer in honor of Iemanjá, Yoruba divinity of the sacred sea. Cinematography and Edited by Enrique Villa (@riquelbc)
Flowing rivers of consciousness from past, present and future ⏳ Opening sacred dialogues of the three roads coming together 🗝 Creating currents of cosmic shifts with vibrations and incantations 🕯 May we all be blessed and always guided by LOVE 💛🌼🐝🍯 Oxum imagery with dancer: Vika S. Hernández. Photography by Rafael Hernandez.